Who Are We?

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod is an International Religious Organization, founded by Mother Claudine Echernier and Fr. Peter Marie Mermier, to serve the young girls specially those who were poor, and disadvantaged. The key characteristics of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod are an attitude of:

  • The Paschal Mystery
  • Joyful witness
  • A Spirit of forgiveness
  • Trust in God
  • Logo Explained

The Cross on the circle denotes the love of Christ embracing the whole Universe. The two superimposed circles signify the open tomb of Jesus that evokes His Resurrection. The Cross brings light, dynamism, strength and liberation. For us, Sisters of the Cross, it is a constant invitation to reveal to all the merciful love of the Father and the liberating power of the Paschal Mystery.

Emblem Explained

The bright red symbolizes Charity and Devotedness as Disciples recalling us to the Cross and Love of Jesus Christ for us.

The Cross of Calvary, reminds us continuously to participate in the Death and Resurrection of Christ in the events of our everyday life.

The blue means Lowliness and Humility. The M with the Star symbolizes Blessed Virgin Mary, the Protectress of our Congregation.

The anchor symbolizes Hope as expression of our Motto.